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Matt Moll

The Social Dilemma, a wake-up call to society

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Today, I want to encourage you to take the time and watch the latest documentary on Netflix: The Social Dilemma. If you ever wondered whether or not AI was going to take on, how social media affects the youth, or the impact of fake news and polarization in our society, this movie is for you.

Review and Reflection

Before I quickly summarize the most important topics that the movie cover, if you want to watch my full review and take on this documentary, you can watch my video here:

A wake up call

The movie is presented in an interview-like fashion, with several experts from the top of the hierarchy of some of the most important companies in the industry raising their concerns and sharing valuable insights. This gives the documentary authority over the topic and separates it from being just a fictional or over-exageration presentation of the topic, which has happened before.

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The main topics that are covered in the movie are:

  • How powerful the social nets are and how much data and efficient models they have of every user.
  • Their motivations and how they study, plan and develop strategies to maximize the time you spend on their products to monetize you.
  • The psychological impact this all has on individuals, and particularly in teenagers and children.
  • The consequences of fake news and polarization that we already see on society today.

All these topics and more are covered both from an interview base format and through the storyline of a family that is impacted in different ways from social media and its ramifications.

If you, like myself, think these are very important topics both for us as individuals and as members of society I would encourage you to take the time, watch the movie (its only 1:30 hrs) and reflect on it. After that, you can see how you feel about it and which actions you can take to minimize the negative impacts that social media has on you.

Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next article!

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